Larry & Sylvia Gaub

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194 Cloquallum Rd
#1 Santa Place
Elma, WA 98541
United States


In 1986, at the Christmas Season, we got involved in decorating house and property with lights. We started with the few trees we had and at the present time we light up more than 100 trees. We try to do a few more every year. It all started with a local lighting contest that we were trying to win. There wasn't much money for a prize, but it was just that we wanted to win. The first year we had about 5,000 lights, and now we figure we had about 40,000 lights in 1997. Santa Claus also is here, and he hands out candy canes to all the young folks for about two weeks before Christmas. When we started it was, as I said, to win the contest. But, it turned out that there was not much competition for us, and after we had won it for five or six years in a row, we decided to no longer enter the contest. Now we do it for other peoples' pleasure. We have people come to visit us every year that have been coming since we got started. They love it, and we are pleased to have them come. Now, some of the people are bringing their children and grandchildren. Every year we try to add a few more lights to a few more trees, sometimes, there is no choice as the trees continue to grow. We enjoy the Christmas Season very much, and we try to make it possible for everyone that comes to visit, and enjoyment also. We invite everyone that sees this to come see our display and enjoy it also. This year I hope to have an animated carousel and a train that really runs. We better get started, I think, for Christmas will be here soon. So, Happy Holidays to all of you, and won't you come for a visit to #1 Santa Place at 194 Cloquallum Rd. in Elma, Washington. USA. By the way we have had visitors from Australia, England, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Alaska, almost every state within the United States, and it has been very interesting for us. Also have had it videotaped and taken back to these countries that people come from. There is a guest book to sign and we would love to see you. Signed Santa & Mrs. Claus


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